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Stellar Jewelry

(A Div Of S Narendra)

Established in 1963, the S. Narendra group of companies has been one of the pioneers in the diamond industry, and is currently managed by the 3rd generation.
Founded with the principles of ethics and best business practices, the group has grown into a global conglomerate with a global network of customers, sales offices and associates; sourcing its diamonds directly from the mines, and producing fine jewelry, reaching the global consumer.

Diamond Jewelry

Semi-Precious & Precious Stone Jewelry

Enamel and Alternative materials

Stellar Jewelry was established in 2010 as the jewelry division of S. Narendra, and has quickly established its customer base, from USA, Japan, Dubai, UK, Belgium, Hong Kong and other EU countries.
With our deep rooted expertise in manufacturing and a strong customer focused approach to business, Stellar Jewelry strives toward 100% customer satisfaction through a high level of personalization, treating each customer uniquely.

Our Team

Our Production team is motivated to give higher output and is multi-tasking and ready to adjust to various job profiles. Our designers are expert in CAD and well acquainted with latest designing software with intention to give the client a very natural feel of the jewelry that one would be ordering for. They are committed to create designs to match individual customer's requirement and strengthen customer's market presence.

Our marketing team pays attention to all customers’ queries promptly, which almost eliminates the time difference between different time zones around the world. Last but not the least our Research & Development team is constantly on watch for the latest trends in fashion, exploring ways to reduce the cost of jewelry and on search for new stones and new techniques. As a result, we are able to stay ahead of time and present newer concepts on regular basis.


Extensive market research and demographics
Intensive study of customer's business and its competition
Smart merchandising to optimise products for relevant markets and hit key price points
Introduce products as collections based on concepts or themes following global trends to capture customer attention.


Diamond Jewelry
Semi-Precious / Precious Stone Jewelry
Pavée, channel, pressure, prong, invisible
Rings, Pendants, Necklace, Earring, Bracelet, Bangles
Enamel and Alternative materials